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This 8 week online training program only happens a couple times each year and currently registration is closed. Enter your name and email below to access the F.A.B. Camp Program Tour, get a heads up when enrollment opens again, and receive our award-winning weekly show, ETV, nourishing recipes and words of inspiration delivered to your inbox.

F.A.B. Camp offers the tools, strategies, and insights you need to make your relationship to your food, attitude and body more peaceful, loving and enjoyable. The core curriculum is based on the six core modules of creating sustainable health that will last a lifetime. The course also includes two full implementation + marination weeks, as well as, Master Classes, Advanced Trainings, and much more.


We’re honored to have extraordinary reviews from our graduates and global community of passionate F.A.B. Campers past and present who can attest to the power of the program! reviews
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 F.A.B. Camp allowed me to go from having goals that were weight and calorie based to realizing that these superficial goals were not why I was on this journey. Within 2 months, I had transformed my behaviors, mindset and I’m now able to identify and handle my emotional stressors without standing in front of the fridge or mirror and then feeling guilty. I even started my own business after Elyse helped me identify and unlock my true potential! I also have had my first relationship and even though it didn’t work out 0 I didn’t fall apart – in fact going through the barriers on my own has ONLY made me stronger! I have found respect and love for myself along the way.- S.S., Registered Nurse In less than 30 days, Elyse helped me transform my eating and living lifestyle bringing my hormones back into balance. She’s helped me transition to a healthy version of a gluten free lifestyle. A month later, I am a new woman. I feel like a million bucks and more knowledgeable and confident. This all saved my life and future with my body!- Clarissa, Veterinary Physicians Assistant My goals were two fold. I needed to change my eating habits and patterns – which I’m super picky. I’ve now become more conscious of my choices and decisions and from McDonalds’ to Mariano’s (local grocery chain), to smoothies and salads. All of these changes so I could get pregnant while living with PCOS when everyone said it was impossible. Elyse helped me transform my negative feeling and now I’m pregnant with triplets!- Tina, Hair Stylist



Elyse’s mission is to empower, educate and inspire you to create sustainable and delicious health, happiness and a life you love.  In addition to F.A.B. Camp, she is also the creator of the award-winning online show ETV and the author of Smoothie Secrets Revealed: A Guide To Enhance Your Health. Each week, she shares F.A.B. updates so you can balance your food, eleveate your attitude and love your body! She also includes in-depth interviews with industry leaders, bite-sized inspiration, and seriously fun entertainment in her video series. Enter your information below to receive her weekly updates.


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